Fuel Risk Management

It’s a Way of Life!

Our Fuel Risk Management Program is a tool that takes your fuel cost from a variable to a fixed price. Knowing your fuel cost can be helpful in planning your work year and can also assist in your bidding process. Imagine taking the speculation out of budgeting. Central Oil is ready to help!

What are my options?

  • Three Types of Fuel to Meet Your Needs
    • Clear On-Road Diesel
    • Dyed Off-Road Diesel
    • Jet-A Fuel
  • Three Types of Contracts to Make Life Easier
    • Fixed Forward Contract
    • Collar Contract
    • Max Price Contract

What Can it do for you?

We call our Fuel Risk Management Pro-gram a “Way of Life” because not only can you use this tool to budget and book fuel in advance at a fixed cost, but customers also sometimes see cost savings.T ypically customers who book with us continually, over several years, see substantial annual cost savings.

If you want to go fast,
go alone.
If you want to go far,
go together.

Whether you are looking for a quote or have a question about what we offer, our team is standing by and eager to help.


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