Wholesale Fuel

Helping You Manage Your Inventory

Theft Issues? Need help with inventory Management? With program options like FloWrangler and Fusion, we have a solution for every customer. Let us give you peace of mind with inventory management! 

Helping You to Never Run Out of Fuel Again! Our experts can set your tanks up with SMARTank, a sensor that reads your fuel levels. We monitor the readings and set you up to never run out of fuel again!

Helping You Save Money and Budget

Have You Heard About Our Fuel Risk Management Program? While we can’t guarantee that you will save money, there is a high likelihood that you will! One thing we can guarantee is that FRM will help you plan your budget for the year. Call one of our Fuel Experts today to learn how this program, when used as a “way of life,” will help give you peace of mind and strategies for budgeting.

Helping You Operate at Your Full Potential

Need More Tanks? Need Your Existing Tanks Rigged Out? We Can Help! Central Oil & Supply has a loaned tank program to help you get started when you don’t want to invest in purchasing your own tanks. COS also has tank packages for sale, as well as a full in-house service department that will assist in troubleshooting and completely rigging out tanks!

Products to Keep You Up and Running

  • E-10 & Conventional Gas
  • Diesel Fuel On/Off Road
  • Kerosene
  • Aviation Fuels

If you want to go fast,
go alone.
If you want to go far,
go together.

Whether you are looking for a quote or have a question about what we offer, our team is standing by and eager to help.


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