Wholesale lube

At Central Oil & Supply, we work with major brands who push the limits of technology, break barriers, and pioneer firsts. Not only do we carry major brands, but we also offer a private label product if you need an economical choice. Regardless of your sector or the equipment you need to protect, we have products in the correct package styles to suit your needs.

Products to Keep You Up and Running

  • Lube Analysis Programs
  • Promotions
  • Rewards Programs

Going the Extra Mile

  • E-10 & Conventional Gas
  • Diesel Fuel On/Off Road
  • Kerosene
  • Aviation Fuels

Wholesale fuel

With program options like FloWrangler and Fusion, we have a solution for every customer. Let us give you peace of mind with inventory management!

Plant Assessments

At Central Oil & Supply, we have a DFLT-S (Distributor Front Like Technical Support) trained account manager. Our consultant works with the entire team to equip them to properly do audits of existing lubrication programs. We will work with you to identify goals, targets, and areas of concern. Our experts will inspect your existing lubrication program and then present their findings to you. In the past, we have been able to identify critical lubrication mistakes before they became detrimental.

Let Our Experts
Help you

  • Reduce Plant Downtime
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Increase Equipment Life and Availability
  • Improve Safety


  • Roth Tank Package
  • Peedee Tank Package
  • Poly Tanks

Sales & Maintenance

Central Oil & Supply is not only the premier Shell and Castrol distributor in Louisiana–we also loan and sell equipment! Customers who meet a gallon requirement are approved by our full, in-house, service department to hold and use our tanks and lubrication/fueling systems.


Our Fuel Risk Management Program is a tool that takes your fuel cost from a variable to a fixed price. Knowing your fuel cost can be helpful in planning your work year and can also assist in your bidding process. Imagine taking the speculation out of budgeting. Central Oil is ready to help!


  • Three Types of Fuel to Meet Your Needs
    • Clear On-Road Diesel
    • Dyed Off-Road Diesel
    • Jet-A Fuel
  • Three Types of Contracts to Make Life Easier
    • Fixed Forward Contract
    • Collar Contract
    • Max Price Contract

Go Green with Us

  • For every industry
  • Used Oil pickup and delivery
  • Over 25 years combined experience in used oil collection

Used Oil

Central Oil & Supply picks up used oil and used filters for every industry. Whether you work in the agriculture, consumer, industrial, or heavy-duty sector, we’ve got you covered!

Our used oil expert has been trained to dispose of waste oil and filters properly. Our customers are always pleased with the high level of service and cleanliness we offer.


When the going gets tough, Central Oil gets going. 
We are here for all of your disaster relief needs.

here to help when conditions are tough

  • Hospitals & Dialysis Centers
  • Fuel delivery
  • Contracts

advance your equipment reliability

  • Industiral Lubricants
  • Fluid Reclamation
  • Equipment Programs
  • Oil Analysis

Industrial services

Our newest service we offer! We offer top brands and custom blends to ensure you are getting the exact
specs you need. 


Our marketing experts will work with you to create programs to keep your existing customers happy–and to gain incremental growth. Whether it’s offering SPIFFs to your customer service people or creating customer appreciation raffles, we will work with you to create a program specifically for you!

When It comes to Social Media, we’re savvy. We’ve got the social media gurus to help your business succeed online. Whether you need a training session to get started, or Central Oil to take over and run your account, we’re here to help!

Expanding your Reach

  • Digital Marketing
  • Product and Program Training, Tailored to You
  • Good, Better & Best Product Portfolios

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